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На форумах с июня 2022
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Lao minister confirmed The country must have laws protecting the safety of “dams”.


On June 11, 2022, the XinhuaSLOT ONLINEnews agency reported that the Lao PDR minister stated the need for Laos to enact specific laws to ensure the safety of the dam. as part of the Lao government's efforts to achieve sustainable energy development

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Previously, Laos had suffered a dam collapse at the Xe Pian-Xe Nam Noi hydroelectric power plant. Which is 560 kilometers southeast of the capital Vientiane.

The incident caused flash floods and swept through five downstream villages, leaving more than 4,000 homeless, while villagers in several other villages were also affected.

Daowong Ponkaew, Minister of Energy and Mines of Laos It said during a statement to the Lao National Assembly on Thursday, June 9 that Laos has rules and guidelines for the construction and operation of hydropower plants. But there is no law specifically dealing with safety measures.

The dam collapse in 2018.
“All areas of development, including dam construction, Better oversight is required through strict enforcement of laws. while more production capacity is essential. Along with the safety and inspection of the dam,” Minister Dao Wong said, adding that

The ministry strives to promote safety management to ensure sustainable development of hydropower. After a dam collapse in the southern province of Attapeu in 2018.

The Vientiane Times newspaper quoted Dao Wong as saying the lack of legislation on dam safety management. This hinders standard dam inspections to prevent accidents.

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