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US blocks Google, Apple hosting digital yuan payment app Fear of Chinese spying

A US senator has released a bill aimed at deterring US app stores. including Apple and Google app stores Itdiamond slot wallet hosts applications that allow Chinese cryptocurrency payments. Because of concerns that the payment system would be a way for the Chinese government to spy on Americans.
The draft law stated that The company that owns or controls the app store. It will not be able to host or support any app that promotes or facilitates digital yuan transactions. The bill was pushed by Senator Tom Cotton, Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Mike Brown.

Senator Cotton's team stated that The digital yuan could allow the Chinese government to monitor all transactions on the network in real time. This raises concerns about the privacy and security of Americans transacting on that network.

The move came after WeChat, the messaging and payments app of Chinese company Tencent with more than 1.2 billion users, announced in early 2022 that it would Start supporting the use of digital yuan Meanwhile, Alipay, the popular payment platform owned by Jack Ma's Ant Group, also announced that it accepts digital yuan payments. Both companies' apps are on the Apple and Google app stores.

Reuters reported that Shortly after the US senator released the bill. The Chinese embassy in Washington has commented. The bill is an example of how the United States continues to bully foreign corporations by misusing state power and citing national security.

The Center for a New American Security, a Washington-based think tank, released a report in January. 2021 that China's digital yuan and electronic payment system It tends to be the Chinese Communist Party's economic spy tool. and was created to allow the Chinese government to intervene in the lives of Chinese citizens. This is because the transaction contains accurate information about the user. and financial activities of users

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